Matt’s Music has been around since 2018 however there was an episode released in 2017. Now a weekly radio show/podcast it focuses on new music from the Christian rock and alternative genre.

In 2017 it began as a one time Christmas rock special followed by months of silence. The first show aired in May 2018 and was followed quickly by a slew of special shows and guests.

Jason Dunn was the first guest and appeared on the second show, other guests include Nate Parrish, Orion Walsh, Zach Havens, Dave Owens, Joe McElroy, Richard Hong and Josh Dozois.

Over the course of the years it’s been on air Matt’s Music has had a few specials, notably his Christmas shows and year end wrap ups that go over the music released that year and what to look forward to in the next. Other specials include “quiet shows” where the music tends to stay away from heavier and faster songs. Other ones include shows focused entirely on one artist such as Jessy Ribordy.

Matt’s Music has also had a few intros throughout the years, starting with the first one being Dear Rogue’s Live Through The Night before going to NewWorldSon’s Radio Ghost Town.

Christian writer and music enthusiast going through the history of Christian podcasts.